Tom Query, M.Div., LPC

Professional Counselor, Counseling Supervisor

I am an experienced counselor / therapist with a first hand knowledge of a wide variety of issues, problems and situations.

I am excellent in communication, warm, relational, non-judgmental and direct. I work to hear the issues you are seeking help with. I do not use "psychobabble." I focus on the "here and now" issues you bring and we will explore what has brought you to this place, what you can do and/or what you can be. When we first meet we will make sure I am the best type of therapist for your concern.

I focus on a person's/couple's strengths, not their weaknesses.

I do not hesitate to be direct; however, I am welcoming and sensitive to diversity - particularly in faith and spiritual beliefs; ethnic backgrounds; sexuality; gender; life history choices and family of origin experiences.
I wish to create a safe place for you.

I bring a diverse set of skills and experience.

I remember what it was like to first seek a counselor. You have to be very brave.

I am very proud to work with the people I do. They are all seeking to be stronger and wiser in their living.