Tom Query, M.Div., LPC

Professional Counselor, Counseling Supervisor


Counseling and Psychotherapy

Individual and Relationship Counseling for adolescents and adults.

We can address a wide array of issues: Grief, ADHD, Adoption, Dying, Chronic Illness, Child or Adolescent, Depression, Abuse, Trauma, Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Peer Relationships, Sexual Abuse, Spirituality, Alternative Thinking or Lifestyle, Anxiety, Coping Skills, Divorce, Family Conflict, Parenting, Self Esteem, Sexual Addiction, Aging, Mood Disorders, Thinking Disorders, Individuation, Personal Issues, etc..

Sex Therapy

I use a sex-positive approach.  No judgement.  I offer a safe place for people from all walks of life and sexual history and backgrounds to explore, learn and expand their own sexual journey, with all the joys and challenges that that entails. 

For some people who are struggling with some aspect of your sexuality, performance, mechanics, curiosity, relationship issues, gender, identity or confusion - this is the right place.  In particular I offer services to those who fall outside of society's 'norms' - and frankly that is almost everyone.

Clinical Supervision

I provide Clinical Supervision to Post-Masters Clinicians who are seeking license in the State.  It is usually a three year process.  I emphasize experiential psychotherapy, positive sex therapy, and enhancing basic skills towards being in private practice. 

I have successfully supervised over 35 persons.