Tom Query, M.Div., LPC

Professional Counselor, Counseling Supervisor

A little about me and how I work...

I love being a therapist. 

Seeing people is like reading a series of great books.  I was trained by a group of Psychiatrists in 'experiential' psychotherapy.  Simply, it means that healing comes through the relationship that is built between the client and the therapist.  Trust on both sides is very important.  I dialogue and am transparent with people in our work.

In my personal life - I am a Father, Friend, Psychotherapist, Photographer, Reluctant Minister, and Retired Magician.  I have an adult daughter (whom you see in the photo).  I am married to my girlfriend for life.

You'll see that we call our work at Wellspring 'Sex-Positive'.  All of us have extensive training in sexuality and relationships - of every stripe, flavor and color.  There is no judgement.  We believe that sexuality is a gift and birthright.  We live in a world that mostly sees sexuality through a morally negative lens.  This is not the way it is supposed to be.  It needs to be a life giving, affirming part of our lives. 

This is a safe place.

I also provide Clinical Supervision for Master's level clinicians who are seeking a professional license as a Counselor.  We often have interns here.

We are also a fur friendly office.  When we meet, you will likely be introduced to my furry companion Poca, who often joins me for sessions

Please advise me if you have any allergies or concerns about animals when we are arranging our time together and I will make arrangements to take care of your needs.